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I will say no more about it" (Selected Letters of E.
Emmanuel Villaume's conducting was scintillating and the Lyric s chorus sang splendidly Directors nowadays don't seem to believe that the original tales of E.
Selin's style has been compared to that of Gogol, Kharms, and E.
Ultimately their reinterpretation does a disservice both to the alleged guiding spirit of E.
The French opera, based on stories by the writer E.
From my graduate studies I was familiar, of course, with the prominent German writers whose work was connected with Berlin, from Lessing in the eighteenth century by way of E.
A lady at court has told us of a gothic story, Der Nussknacker und der Mausekonig, by a German author, E.
Murray Schafer's famous exploration of acoustic ecology The Tuning of the World (New York: Knopf, 1977) parades a varied list of admirers--architects and psychologists as well as composers and performing artists--for whom that fundamental mode of perception transmitted by the organ of hearing inspires a mixture of awe, respect, and curiosity; its genealogy, of course, leads from E.
In fact, when Lev Ivanov and Peter Tchaikovsky wrote their two-act version of the story ballet in 1892, it was already translated from a tale related by E.
Not to be forgotten either is a new edition of the E.
On Sunday, the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Youth Theatre Workshop offers a theatrical version of the E.
Throughout stories by authors as wide-ranging as E.
A multimedia production that blends film with live action onstage, Marin's 1993 Coppelia is not a send-up of Arthur Saint-Leon's 1870 classic, which took its libretto from one of the soles of E.