E. T. A. Hoffmann

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German writer of fantastic tales (1776-1822)

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In the magical ``Nutcracker'' story, based on a tale by E.
While there are numerous versions of "The Nutcracker", NEDE's production will remain close to the storyline, as originally penned by German author E.
Literary critics may have shied away from studying the role of alcohol in the literary works of German writer E.
In 1891, legendary choreographer Marius Petipa commissioned Tchaikovsky to write the music to ``The Nutcracker'' - based on the book ``The Nutcracker and the Mouse King'' by E.
But through the combined efforts of Ballet Arts Worcester and featuring the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra, the audience is presented with this year's "Nutcracker" as the expected spectacle while the company simultaneously succeeds in preserving much of the original E.
The ``Nutcracker'' is based on the book called ``The Nutcracker and the Mouse King'' written by E.
Petersburg, Russia, in 1892 with music by Tchaikovsky based on a story by the German writer E.
Rachel Haserjian, 16, has a dual role in the Christmas-theme musical, based on an 1816 fairy tale by E.
Here Fritz's neediness takes on a psychological dimension that would have appealed to the story's original author, E.
The holidays and performances of "The Nutcracker" (based on a story written by E.