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United States writer noted for his typographically eccentric poetry (1894-1962)

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With these recognitions (to be expounded briefly and presently) one approaches the words "actual" and "actuality" much as the modernist poet E.
She had used traditional literary figures such as Charles Dickens and Emily Dickinson and placed them side by side with contemporary writers like E.
Others, like Marius de Zayas, turned toward complete abstraction, not unlike the unconventional "portraits" in prose, poetry, and music by Gertrude Stein, e.
The band's influences are many, drawing a line from The Velvet Underground and Television through Gang of Four and The Smiths to contemporaries like The Lapse and Les Savy Fav-with a nod to e.
Like others in the current crop of light-prose writers here, he can hardly relate to the "lost generation" of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos, Pound, and e.
Kelly: I was re-reading today one of your early poems, "to CHucK," and it opens with a reference to e.
Now 83, Erdman divides her time between Honolulu, where she was born and raised, and New York, where her collaborators have included Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Donald McKayle, and Louis Horst, as well as poet e.
Some of us SHOUT BY WRITING EXCLUSIVELY IN CAPS, others emulate e.
But they read Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare's sonnets and Keats and e.
It's being offered as part of a collection that includes papers by E.
Among the people who came to show their respects was the great American poet e.
Copyright [c]1926, 1933, 1940, 1944, 1946, 195o by E.
The Eugene Vocal Arts Ensemble will sing some of Whitacre's work in Saturday's "Contemporary Sounds" concert, including ``Cloudburst,'' inspired by a Northern California rainstorm and based on text by Mexican poet Octavio Paz, and "hope, faith, life, love," based on text by e.
Some writers don't bother to spend extra time looking for the caps key on email, making them look like e.
From Armenia, Forche moves on to World War I, where she refreshingly includes the work of e.