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United States writer noted for his typographically eccentric poetry (1894-1962)

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For one thing, Merchant's poetry selections include the likes of e.
n Keer of wat wou die vooropgeplaaste tipografiese spel, wat in die frekwente benutting van woordafkappings aan ortografiese eksperimentering grens, my verlangs aan die Amerikaner e.
The play lacks conventional plot, character or structure, and has been compared to a poem by e.
Copyright [c]1926, 1933, 1940, 1944, 1946, 195o by E.
In between, to name just a few, are Dorothy Parker, Hilda Doolittle, Mark Van Doren, Robinson Jeffers, e.
Being part of the dot-com boom was like reading a poem by e.
The second potentially disastrous situation for writing center students and tutors concerns disjunctive texts by such authors as Gertrude Stein or e.
and A Night of Dark Intent (although the last two came to me by way of lines from poems by, respectively, e.
Kingbirds have inspired many an author, and none captured the kingbird's personality better than e.
She had used traditional literary figures such as Charles Dickens and Emily Dickinson and placed them side by side with contemporary writers like E.
Others, like Marius de Zayas, turned toward complete abstraction, not unlike the unconventional "portraits" in prose, poetry, and music by Gertrude Stein, e.
The band's influences are many, drawing a line from The Velvet Underground and Television through Gang of Four and The Smiths to contemporaries like The Lapse and Les Savy Fav-with a nod to e.
She won the Pulitzer Prize in 1923, and with a firm hand directed the awards of the Guggenheim Foundation to poets during the 1930s, furthering the careers of Kay Boyle, Louise Bogan, and e.
Like others in the current crop of light-prose writers here, he can hardly relate to the "lost generation" of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos, Pound, and e.
Cirlot, aunque no siga el sistema de analogia permutatoria, asi como de e.