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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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Countless e-voting dot-coms have materialized recently, each hoping to land lucrative contracts in various aspects of election automation.
The modern technology used in the e-voting platform was designed, manufactured and implemented by Smartmatic, the leading developer of electronic voting systems in the world.
The main coalition partners, Prime Minister Borisov's conservative GERB and right-wing Reformist Bloc, were at odds over the right time for the introduction of e-voting.
Armed with a fine tooth comb and its commendable intentions, the world's largest democracy must put its experience of national elections to good use and ensure the Indian diaspora enjoys a smooth e-voting experience in the future.
If e-voting machines could revolutionise polls, water meters might just spark a revolution.
The proposed regulations provide that companies shall communicate to their member the option to participate, through e-voting, in the business to be approved at the general meeting.
Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik briefed the Minister by demonstrating e-voting system for Overseas Pakistanis.
Meanwhile, the e-voting system decreased the voting time to less than five minutes compared to one honor in the first phase of elections when the center was shifted from the RCCI to well-equipped RICEC.
The chairman of the territorial election commission, Saktan Kadyraliev, suggested consideration of e-voting option in future.
EC Secretary Ishtiak Ahmed said the commission would introduce the e-voting system as a pilot project in the by-elections.
Mr Gormley is now attempting to buy the State out of those contracts, even though most e-voting machines are already in storage at the Curragh.
Some critics, however, fear that e-voting is not secure from computer hackers.
This will enable Kyotango City to deliver information services such as access to e-government services, e-voting, e-booking of municipal facilities, employment support and remote medical consultations to its 66,000 citizens.
E-voting was tested in a local vote earlier this year and moves are underway for further trials in different parts of the country.
The Electoral Commission has published a report recommending that further trials of e-voting should be extended before it is used in a general election.