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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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The members opting for e-voting shall have to appoint the intermediary, nominated by the company, as their proxy.
As Election Commission of Pakistan is going to hold Local Bodies Election this year in Sindh, Punjab and KPK , why not give a try to the e-voting to ensure maximum transparency and further the reputation of apex election Body which is tasked to hold Local as well as General Elections.
Sania reiterated that the process of training to staff and testing the e-voting needs at least 18 months time if done on fast track.
Others said e-voting system facilitated the voting process and expressed hope candidates will respect promises they have made before the voting.
In the case of e-voting, a ballot box could be made of conductive materials.
Bahrain is in the forefront of developing a comprehensive and modern e-voting system, said Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Shaikh Ahmed bin Ateyatala Al Khalifa.
0, its award-winning source code analysis software, to every Secretary of State in the United States of America in response to increasing evidence of the deployment of insecure e-voting machines in national elections.
Nevertheless many other countries are either deploying e-voting and e-counting systems or planning to do it.
And the group said that, following the experiences of May 3 when new voting systems led to large numbers of spoilt ballots in the Scottish Parliament elections and confusion at counts for English local authorities, it remains opposed to the introduction of e-voting and ecounting in the UK.
Majorities have computers and Internet access, but whether e-voting shores up their relatively low confidence in elections remains to be seen.
Rubin failed to disclose he was an unpaid advisor, with stock options, for another e-voting company--though the firm was more a hopeful vendor to Diebold than a competitor.
Still fresh in the memory is the way one Florida county using e-voting in the 2000 Presidential elections recorded minus 16,022 votes for Al Gore, the Democratic candidate.
The competence center E-Voting is organizing in cooperation with the Council of Europe and the European Science Foundation the second international workshop on "Electronic Voting" at Lake Constance in Austria.
According to the Solicitor General, the government decided not to pursue applications from local authorities to hold e-voting pilots during the local elections in May 2006.
The act set aside $4 billion to help states convert to e-voting machines.