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a hand shovel carried by infantrymen for digging trenches

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The e-Tool Kit is easily updateable, and key text and diagrams now link directly to cited policy, related communities of practice, and comprehensive ACQuipedia articles.
Learners need to be offered access and motivation in order to make them feel ar ease to subscribe to the e-tool, start participating and feel they are part of a community of learners.
If I hadn't bluffed with the E-tool I might be just as dead.
This online resource includes links to an e-tool for restaurant workers' safety and a State-by-State breakdown of child labor laws.
The FirstStep Employment Law Advisor is a new e-tool available at www.
Small- to mid-sized business owners in the market to sell their business can post a listing on the buy/sell e-tool by registering online.
The service provider is obliged to provide sdis with an e-tool for managing the ordering and tracking of meals and billing.
As Exclusive weight loss/weight management meal and e-tool sponsor South Beach Diet will guide the women through their personal health and wellness transformation throughout the 13-week series by helping them learn how to make better food choices, the importance of strategic snacking and how to fuel their bodies to take better care of themselves and those who rely on them.
Newcastle-based Dynamic Distance Learning (DDL), through their joint venture company Freedom To Learn Ltd (F2L), which specialises in business and educational e-learning solutions, has sealed an agreement to provide an e-tool that will deliver online assessment across the whole higher education sector in North America.
These measures are acting as a springboard for further safety changes, and the development team is currently creating an e-tool to support the SWE Toolkit.
com)-- The Balancing Act[R]'s Mission Makeover[TM] series airing on Lifetime[R] TV is pleased to announce that South Beach Diet will be the exclusive weight loss/weight management meal plan, e-tool and home food delivery sponsor for Season 3.
A Heat Illness Prevention e-tool is also available on Cal/OSHAs website.