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Synonyms for Mailer

United States writer (born in 1923)

a person who mails something

an advertisement that is sent by mail

a container for something to be mailed

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It has its own e-mail engine and will try to send itself out using addresses stored in e-mail programs.
This article addresses mail-filtering options and provides specific examples for using them for a few popular e-mail programs.
The Web browser, which is more universally available than any proprietary e-mail program, is used for e-mail sent from and received by ThePostmaster.
There is a close link between E-Mail and electronic commerce," said Thompson, "and close coordination between the E-Mail program office and the electronic commerce program should benefit both.
This new Declined Service Reminder e-mail program will generate even more business than already created by our other marketing programs," said Miller, "because dealerships now have a way to automatically remind those customers about the services they declined.
Often, mass e-mails are flagged and cordoned off by "spam" monitoring software for e-mail programs, such as Outlook.
This article explains how CPAs can help implement e-mail programs that reduce compliance risks by using the privacy framework developed jointly by the AICPA and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA).
While some E-mail programs will let the sender know when the respondent has read the messages, it is common courtesy to acknowledge the receipt of a message.
Issue reviewed contained pieces on maximizing your marketing dollar; how to create online banner, split-screen and interstitial ads that get results; resurrecting a poor company image; how today's top e-mail programs reward customer loyalty; a brief profile of 1-800-FLOWERS founder Jim McCann; and six ways to battle burnout.
Founded in 1999, Return Path is an E-mail performance management company dedicated to improving the reach, delivery performance and overall success of permission-based E-mail programs.
com) a research and consulting firm that helps marketing leaders use technology to grow their businesses, today announced preliminary findings to their upcoming "Enterprise Permission Marketing" report, detailing the growing gap that exists between customer expectations and current Fortune 1000 e-mail programs.
E-Mail Channel Management - From name capture strategies and e-mail and subject line content to landing page strategies and promotions, Digital River offers its clients end-to-end management of their e-mail programs.