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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

communicate electronically on the computer

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The third option comes at a speed of 4Mbps offering unlimited download, and eight free e-mail accounts with antivirus and anti-spam protection for a monthly rent of RO135.
If you are actively using your member e-mail account, the Web site builder or file storage tool, please let us know as soon as possible--visit The Ohio Society's Web site or contact Erin Lasch, senior manager, online communications, at elasch@ohio-cpa.
For an additional charge of six cents per 30 seconds, users can send outgoing faxes from their e-mail accounts to standard fax machines.
Just weeks after the AP began questioning the governor's office about his e-mail use, however, Culver's spokesman Troy Price said the governor and lieutenant governor had begun to use their state e-mail account for state business.
Cuba has more than 480,000 e-mail accounts, roughly the number of users, but only 98,000 users can legally surf the Internet, according to government figures.
Many people use e-mail to keep personal and business correspondence separate, give their children their own e-mail account, or forward mail to an alternative account.
Define best practices for antispam e-mail account policies
VTS offers the option to listen to unread e-mail directly from their existing e-mail account inbox; delete and skip messages with simple voice commands; and reply to e-mail by sending a personally recorded WAV audio file attachment.
Services start at $13 per month for a basic dialup plan, which includes 150 hours of access time, 1 e-mail account, and 2 megabytes of web space.
In addition to this it provides many other rich communication services integrated all on their e-mail accounts which include:
Most school districts now provide Webbased e-mail accounts for each staff member, such as AOL, FirstClass and Outlook.
This new offering will enable the 29 million Linux platform users to participate in the Blue Community and register in the company's Do Not Intrude Registry to actively fight spam and safeguard personal and business e-mail accounts though a hands-on, community-based approach.