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handling an operation that involves providing labor and materials be supplied as needed

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The e-logistics platform is aimed at improving the transparency and the exchange of information about the contents and safety of containers.
This agreement with the GCEL and the Global Horizontal E-Logistics System (GHELS) will provide the solution that others have only talked about.
DFY e-Logistics has helped to enable DF Young to differentiate itself, helping to enable customers to view inventory details (e.
Transporeon's main solution is the TISYS communication platform, an e-logistics platform that creates networks between major shippers and their carrier partners.
About GT Nexus -- GT Nexus is a leading provider of global e-logistics solutions that deliver unprecedented control and visibility to the complex processes of international transportation.
GT Nexus is on its fourth generation of e-logistics solutions.
Its broad equipment and consumables lines, as well as nationwide manufacturing, e-Logistics, sales professionals and field service engineers enable customers to turn to SourceOne as the best-in-class, single source for effective supply chain and medical imaging management.
GT Nexus, a leading provider of global e-logistics software solutions, today announced that The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) awarded the company a contract to deploy and operate a private network that will help P&G contract and manage its global ocean transportation agreements.
com is well-positioned in the e-logistics fast lane, despite the softened economy, and continues to announce new, high-quality customers," said Ting Piper, program manager of e-logistics research at IDC.
The former chairman of the board of directors of Jordan Aviation, Awamleh is also a partner and board member of Allied Soft, a world class software provider; in addition he is a partner and a member of the board of directors of US-based Axiolog, an e-logistics software company.
Partnership Combines 'Best-of-Breed' e-Logistics Offerings for Global Planning, Execution and Trade Compliance
Forwarder Products Form Cornerstone of Fourth Generation of e-Logistics
Alameda, California -- GT Nexus, a leading provider of global e-logistics solutions, today announced that it has successfully completed the first phase of integrations between GT Nexus e-logistics applications and the back-office systems of all of its global ocean carrier partners.