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a game played against a computer

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The Super David e-game has been designed by the Dasaran educational platform for a very practical purpose: to help raise awareness among children about natural disasters and to equip them with the basic knowledge and readiness for emergency situations.
There are 287 operating e-games cafes across the country, majority of which are owned and operated by 131 independent entrepreneurs.
However, Gonzalez is best remembered for his free-to-play (F2P) business build that proved to be ground-breaking and helped increase the popularity and profitability of e-Games titles.
Having witnessed the dramatic changes in society and attitudes due to technology, social networking and e-games, Dr Hamden believes that it's time for a universal governing body to control the information and messages that these mediums propogate.
Prior to that, Tsao co-founded IP E-Games in the Philippines.
They also find e-games a fun way to revise and the songs help students memorise pathways and names.
He added that "the entertainment project includes a rest house, e-games hall and two restaurants, seven cafeterias, in addition to eleven water pools, costing $5 million.
It is exciting to see our e-games transcending our traditional walls.
In doing so, we have also analysed some stand-out features of the e-games which appear to have stimulated this engagement.
Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA), Dubai will play host to two new entertainment exhibitions Co the Dubai International Character and Licensing Fair 2008 (Character Dubai 2008) and the Dubai International E-Games Fair 2008.
The folks here at FMG Publications donated the dough for enough edible goodies, hand-held e-games, Frisbees, footballs, board games and (of course) magazines to create 30 gift packs.
Rocks game, as well as information about other Chuck E-Games and offers, on the Chuck E.
She recalled that during the public hearings conducted on the measure, only the operators of electronic bingo and e-games expressed opposition-and it concerned the proposed regulations.
Pagcor's income from other related services included regulatory fees that it collects from licensed casinos and income share from other gaming activities such as e-games, commercial bingo and poker.
Dubai: University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) has launched an E-Games Zone, designed for PC gaming and tournaments to boost its range of recreation services located in Block 5 of Knowledge Village, Dubai.