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Synonyms for finance

Synonyms for finance

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

to supply capital to or for

Words related to finance

the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets

the management of money and credit and banking and investments

obtain or provide money for

sell or provide on credit

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In early August, Global MasterCard and Visa authorised E-Finance to issue and print e-cards for all banks and international financial institutions that are members of both international organisations, through the company's card issuance centre.
There is an evaluation of whether or not e-finance has become mainstream and what this has meant and will mean for the traditional providers.
E-Finance Director of the Smart Cards Sector Mahmoud Kamal said that the production capacity of the centre is the largest in the Middle East.
are the two major factors that make consumers reluctant to use e-finance services.
Yaqoob said E-Finance is responsible for offering technical support to employees when uploading their data and is responsible for salary payments from banks until cards are activated.
com Bidding Arena Marketplace is ideally suited for expansion into other e-finance applications within the FutureVest environment.
CCM Suite will be based on the same J2EE architecture as Financial Fusion Consumer e-Finance Suite and will incorporate the same design and ease-of-use features that promote customer penetration use of the service.
E-Finance is working on providing smart cards for fuel, benzene, diesel, or mazut through cooperation with the Ministries of Petroleum and Finance, according to Sarhan.
The E-Finance team has determined that financial institutions are obligated to become involved in Internet security and the authenticating process.
2 billion in assets, has licensed Financial Fusion Business e-Finance Suite and an upgrade to Financial Fusion Consumer e-Finance Suite 4.
Leading national e-payment and e-collection services organisation, E-Finance, will run an e-collection service for Zakat House (or Bait Zakat) proceeds, according to an agreement signed between both entities, an official E-Finance statement said on Wednesday.
The E-Finance team has examined the total trading costs trends in the global equity marketplace to find "contrary to popular opinion, it is the more onerous and less determinate implicit costs that are believed to have declined most.
This financing round also includes an individual contribution from Michel Akkermans, chairman and CEO of the Belgium-based e-finance company, Clear2Pay.
E-Finance offers e-collection services through various channels across the country such as, banks participating in payment system, e-collection, Egypt Post, POS machines .