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a field of force surrounding a charged particle

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Inside a good conductor, the changing e-field can't continue in the vertical direction.
For the oriented nanocomposites with the maximum conductivity direction (LD) placed perpendicular to the E-field (90[degrees]), relative attenuation of about 1.
C show the results of E-field strength for PIFA and Dipole antenna respectively.
We used validated measuring instruments and an improved setup yielding better uniformity of exposure, as well as an additional E-field strength (10 V/m) to establish a dose-response relationship.
The aspect ratio of the tube is selected to insure that the E-field in the decay volume is sufficiently small so that systematic effects are not important.
The companies represented by grafikAmerica and their niches include: grafiKontrol (register control, defect detection and closed loop color), New Celio (viscosity/ink blending and control, and color control), Visiscan (100 percent substrate inspection), Eltex (ESA, e-field drying, and web remoistening), NIRA (residual solvent analysis, LEL testing), and Elettra (blanket wash systems).
Its E-field module can be operated remotely from the base unit, so that field strength can be measured with little or no influence of a human body on the field being measured.
Using the above method, FODs were obtained for each of the chopped-glass-fiber mats that were produced under the two conditions: randomly oriented and aligned in a 400-kV/m E-field [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
Unlike the E-field system, the M-field can discriminate between a human body mass and a bird.
The basic orientation of each iris is such that the E-field polarity of adjacent irises is rotated 90 degrees, thus minimizing cross-talk.
70-130 kHz E-field with frequency hopping to eliminate RF interference, and resistant to ambient light and sound interference
National Research Plan Military: Volca-TRACE (Volcanic Ash clouds tracking using Cameras and E-field mils) - Phase 1.
More expensive cameras and associated sensors, as well as ultrasonic and e-field options for smart phones/tablet are further out.
The system's e-field based targeting tool allows the therapist to accurately locate the patients exact stimulation location using technology similar to mapping the globe with a GPS.
Multispectral, capacitive, or e-Field biometric finger readers are available as are a variety of magnetic, RFID, proximity, mag stripe, and barcode card readers.