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Citing international data, he said there are more than seven million e-cigarette users in the European Union in 2013, three million in the UK and about 15-20 million Americans, three to four million of whom have quit smoking by using e-cigarette.
Researchers observed in the laboratory that human lung cells exposed to e-cigarette aerosols released various inflammation biomarkers.
The scientists, from Johns Hopkins University in the USA, also found that e-cigarette vapour contained "free radical" toxins similar to those found in cigarette smoke.
Much of the particulate matter in e-cigarette vapors is about 3 milligrammes per cubic meter of air, which is about 100 times as high as the Environmental Protection Agency's 24-hour limit for fine air particles.
Although this is the first meta-analysis on e-cigarette use and the effects on smoking cessation, the authors said that more data are needed for the results to become clinically useful.
The popularity of e-cigarettes has grown rapidly over the last several years, and the e-cigarette and "vape" markets have been the subject of considerable media attention.
One study found e-cigarette vapor that contained hazardous nickel and chromium at four times the level they appear in traditional cigarette smoke; another found that half the e-cigarettes sampled malfunctioned and some released vapor tainted with silicon fibers.
The business, which is investing PS11m into the new facility, will focus on the development, production, testing and regulatory compliance of nicotine products specifically for the fast-growing e-cigarette market, supplying brand owners rather than consumers.
It wasn't clear in two incidents whether the e-cigarette was in use, idle or being charged.
However, it is actually vapour from an e-cigarette that they will see.
Before today, e-cigarette ads could not show people using the devices over fears it would encourage viewers to start smoking.
The FDA also does not adequately assess costs that appear likely from its suppression of the e-cigarette market.
The report says existing evidence shows that e-cigarette aerosol is not merely "water vapour" as is often claimed in the marketing of these products.
Stealing a march on the NHS, e-cigarette brand VIP will provide 10,000 vaping starter kits as part of a new initiative - the first of its kind - which will launch on ITV1 tonight[Wednesday 9 December 2015].
com)-- A new study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows beneficial e-cigarette usage for quitting tobacco consumption amongst 36,000 adults surveyed in the United States.