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Synonyms for erythromycin

an antibiotic (trade name Erythrocin or E-Mycin or Ethril or Ilosone or Pediamycin) obtained from the actinomycete Streptomyces erythreus

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E-Base Interactive(SM), headquartered in Binghamton, NY, is a Website and Software Development, Services, and Marketing Company.
E-Base Interactive is a software development, services, and marketing company.
E-Base Agent(SM)- Agents are trained on client's products/services to perform functions of customer services and sales.
There, they will have a chance to visit the site of Robert Swan's 2008 E-Base Goes Live mission, where he successfully became the first person in Antarctic history to live for two weeks solely on renewable energy.
She explained that during the trip, expedition members visited E-base, a research and educational centre pioneered by Robert Swan.
The IAE 2011 team will cross the Drake Passage, explore the Antarctic Peninsula and visit Swan's E-Base, the only purpose-built, permanent educational structure constructed completely from recycled materials in the Antarctic and is powered by renewable energy.