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Synonyms for rural

Synonyms for rural

of or relating to the countryside

Antonyms for rural

living in or characteristic of farming or country life


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E-agriculture will enable to cover country s demand through domestic production.
Prequalification are invited for Provision of 1 TL, 2 Senior Experts Support to e-agriculture in Azerbaijan.
ISLAMABAD -- The Minister for Information Technology, Anusha Rahman said that telecenters will be established across Pakistan to facilitate e-services including e-health, e-learning, e-commerce, e-agriculture etc.
He said that our emphasis is on e-commerce, e-agriculture and e-education, it is the time to open doors of opportunities to our young innovative minds and to bridge the unseen gaps between all potentials players of ICT proliferation.
3G is not just the access to mobile broadband, it has a cascading role in the economy through e-health, e-agriculture, e-education and employment, he said.
As per him, the open access fiber optic network would back the transformation agenda of the state governor, Chief Theodore Orji by offering connectivity for e-government, e-medicine, e-agriculture, e-commerce, e-taxation, e-licensing, e-learning and many other services.
Sharing details of the plan, he recommended formation of ICT Commission of Pakistan, to streamline and guide all interventions in coordinated manner and suggested appointing ICTs ambassadors and subject specialists for sector such as e-health, e-education, e -governance, e-agriculture and economic empowerment at national level.
e-health, E-education, and E-agriculture viz-a-viz women empowerment through ICT by teaching young girls, coding, cloud computing and other technological skills.
Factors enhancing the growth of telecommunications services are modern and advanced technology, market competition, investment in new telecommunication technologies like wireless communication and satellite, innovative services like e-education and e-agriculture, high-skilled technical manpower, affordability of services, demand for high speed internet, data processing, etc.