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a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth

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Kossard et al (2) described similar lesions, which they termed lentiginous dysplastic nevus of the elderly.
Cytogenetic analysis of conjunctival melanoma in a patient with dysplastic nevus syndrome revealed a clonal 1;14 translocation.
Nevertheless if slide 3 had not been obtained, several clinically important diagnoses would have been missed (squamous cell carcinomas in situ [2], dysplastic nevus [1], and a severely dysplastic nevus [1]).
The concept of the dysplastic nevus (DN) and its association with melanoma entered the literature around 1978 with the description by Clark et al (24) of the familial BK mole syndrome, (24,25) a concept subsequently clarified and expanded to include nonfamilial, sporadic cases.
The main differential diagnoses include dysplastic nevus and vulvar melanoma.
Gross at Skin Surgery Medical Group specializes in the following: skin cancer diagnosis and treatment including but not limited to melanoma, basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer; diagnosis and treatment of moles and melanoma including sentinel node biopsy of lymph nodes; Mohs Surgery of skin cancer; evaluation and treatment of dysplastic nevus syndrome including use of episope evaluation of moles; skin flaps; skin grafts (full thickness and split thickness); cryosurgery for precancer and cancer; skin cancer surgery of lips, nails, ears, eyelids, and scalp; interferon for cancer, warts, and other skin problems.
Only one dysplastic nevus puts a person at twice the risk, while those with ten or more are twelve times at risk.
Part of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center, it serves as an international referral center for patients with melanoma and Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome.
Several proof-of-principle studies showed potential applications of FISH to solve a variety of diagnostic dilemmas in the evaluation of melanocytic tumors, including differentiating blue nevus-like metastasis from blue nevus, mitotically active nevus from nevoid melanoma, and dysplastic nevus from superficial spreading melanoma.
I remain unconvinced that either the common acquired nevus or the dysplastic nevus develops into melanoma," said Dr.
Researchers believe that a genetic predisposition for dysplastic nevus syndrome may exist.