anomic aphasia

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inability to name objects or to recognize written or spoken names of objects

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The names may reflect the ferocious infighting within the International Astronomical Union, Eris being the Greek Goddess of Strife, Dysnomia the muse of anarchy.
Furthermore, Eris' moon has been designated Dysnomia, the goddess of lawlessness.
Dysnomia and slower processing impede the development of successful social skills.
By carefully considering research in the field of LD, we will demonstrate that it is inappropriate to extend research concerning reading disabilities (or other supposedly specific disabilities) to any other LD categories (language-based, nonverbal based) and subcategories (dyslexia, dysnomia, dyscalculia, etc.
However, he had dyslexia (difficulty reading words) and dysnomia (difficulty naming objects).
Questions about the following specific problems were selected from the interview schedule that paralleled test items from the objective assessments of patients: dysmnesia, topographical disorientation, dyspraxia, dysnomia and visual agnosia.
Physical examinations of three workers were normal; the 54-year-old worker was markedly depressed with evidence of neurologic abnormalities, including a strongly positive Romberg test and marked dysnomia.
Social Maladjustment: Social Aggressiveness, Dysnomia, Social Restriction.