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Roots extract are employed for the treatment of intestinal disorders, diarrhea, dysentry and anthelmentic.
After Typhoon Melor blew the Scotland plane all over the skies - it was so bad Gordon Smith's wig fell off twice - I believe another few players have withdrawn with acute dysentry.
In his 1947 publication, The Social Activities of Larnaca Town, Neoclis Kyriazis reminds us of the illnesses that were rife in the nineteenth century, including typhoid, dysentry and malaria.
A medical examination found this to be the result of having contracted dysentry.
Conditions were very primitive and disgraceful in Cyprus, and epidemics such as dysentry were widespread.
An Essay on the Disease called Yellow Fever, with Observations Concerning Febrile Contagion, Typhus Fever, Dysentry, and the Plague, Partly Delivered as the Gulstonian Lectures, Before the College of Physicians, in the Years 1806 and 1807.
Mr Douglas-Home returned to the family home in Hirsel, Coldstream, on the Scottish Borders, in October 1945 suffering from malaria and dysentry and spent the winter months there recuperating.
There are also fears of epidemics after a dysentry outbreak in Biloxi.
The leaf juice is stated to cure diarrhoea, dysentry and glandular tumor.
CRAMPED conditions, dysentry and rude staff ruined Jackie and Derek Keogh's trip to Turkey.
According to Torok, Torok Laszlo Almasy died in "of dysentry in Salzburg as the nominated director of the Desert Institute of Cairo.
Intestinal Infection: Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Dysentry, Food Poisining Diarrhoea.
Many of the people at the camp were suffering from diarrhoea and dysentry, he said, and there is a real risk of a cholera outbreak.