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Derek, 38, a shipbuilding supervisor, got amoebic dysentry and was bedridden for five days.
Roots extract are employed for the treatment of intestinal disorders, diarrhea, dysentry and anthelmentic.
After Typhoon Melor blew the Scotland plane all over the skies - it was so bad Gordon Smith's wig fell off twice - I believe another few players have withdrawn with acute dysentry.
The main killer of children is tetanus, followed by measles and dysentry (World Bank 1983).
No complicated mathematical calculations to work out to see if we might, just maybe - if all other teams in our group were to come down with dysentry - qualify for this or that tournament.
Deadly typhoid, dysentry, cholera, or botulism could easily be put in supplies.
It is reported to be effective in the treatment of piles, dysentry, asthma, gonorrhea, gleet, menorrhagia, leucorrhea and hemoptysis, and urinary diseases (Anonymous, 1952; Kirtikar and Basu, 1975; Nadkarni et al.
Sharmin fell ill after her first birthday, suffering from sickness, fever and dysentry.