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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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The common methods of texturing chassis dyno drums are thermal sprays and knurling.
Dean Parry, of Dyno Plumbing and Drains Franchise SJ Environmental Services Ltd South Wales, has some tips on ways to protect your home during the wetter weather.
David Alexander, Director of Dyno said: "Whether it's arguments over not putting the seat down or escaping to read the newspaper, the toilet is an integral part of our home.
When deployed recently with Telegenic's T18 stereoscopic 3D truck, the Grass Valley K2 Summit production client was used to feed mixer animation clips, primarily for 3D graphics sequences, into and out of replays using the K2 Dyno replay controller.
The dyno facility includes multiple custom rooftop climate control units that feed the first floor and basement level by means of reyno-bond duct enclosures, a test laboratory, dyno test cell, clean room, electric control room and pre-soak area.
After a night at the local vets, Dyno - named after his rescuers - was given a clean bill of health.
We've been able to determine the fewest number of data points necessary to produce statistically significant calibration curves," he says, "which has allowed us to reduce our initial calibration time by 10 weeks (16 weeks on a dynamometer and undergoing analytical study versus 8 weeks on the dyno and 18 weeks of in-vehicle testing), and save more than $200 million.
CB Mills introduces the Dyno Mill Research Lab Mill, which disperses and grinds viscosity products to nano ranges.
Drains company Dyno Rod, whose engineers across Liverpool unclogged nearly 3, 000 drains last year, an increase of 11% on 2003, cites cooking fats and oils as one of the biggest culprits of blockages.
When NASCAR put the chassis in the dyno, we saw that we had as much power as anybody.
El Paso Corporation announced the closing on the sale of its North American nitrogen business to Dyno Nobel.
Includes: Dyno Sim to find the ultimate setup for any street or racing engine; Drag Sim to find the best drag-racing combination for cars, cycles or dragsters; FastLap Sim to design, build and track test any vehicle on any closed course.
A world leader in robotic-mining technology, Inco joins with partners Dyno Nobel, Sandvik Tamrock and Natural Resources Canada (CAN-MET Laboratories) to form the Mining Automation Program.
Cytec Industries, West Paterson, NJ, and Dyno Industrier ASA, Olso, Norway, have signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture to manufacture amino resins and market industrial crosslinkers for the coatings industry in China, India, Australia, New Zealand and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Dyno Plumbing having fixed above 120,000 plumbing leaks in the previous 2 years in Scotland alone knows the importance of having a trustworthy and fast-reacting fleet of vehicles.