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a unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 cm/sec/sec to a mass of 1 gram

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Dynes, from Rossin View in Dungannon, is further accused of making secret "up-skirt" recordings of females in his workplace, on holiday or at an airport.
When applying the Dyne test fluid, if it remains as a film for three seconds, the substrate will have a minimum surface energy of that ink value, expressed in mN/m (Dynes).
During the hearing, Christopher's father James Duffy also claimed his son had told him his boss John Dynes had been acting "erratically".
A kit with 41 1-oz bottles of solutions to test dyne level, or surface wettability, of corona-treated films was introduced by Jemmco LLC in Mequon, Wis.
Dynes has conceded that the UC system could do a better job of explaining its pay practices to the public and has formed a task force to study the matter.
A converter using this product would first corona treat to 44 dynes, and then apply a thin layer of the chemical using gravure or flexo rolls.
In addition to the company's focus in recent years to expand it mechanical capabilities and dynamometer product line, Kazmier also noted that Dyne Systems is continuing to develop its control software and data acquisition systems to better interface with new and existing test cell equipment.
Marsha Dynes was our choice because she has knowledge and experience of how students learn music.
Dynes and his colleagues have "discovered an anomaly in the proximity effect that challenges our understanding of superconductivity," comments Robert J.
This went to Gary Dynes for the second year running.
Dynes noted that UnitedHealth Group's contribution comes at a time of continued state budget constraints as well as growing enrollments in the UC system.
Belfast Crown Court heard Brian Cavlan, 37, Dominic Dynes, 41, and 36-year-old Brian Sheridan admitted they were on their way to bury the guns when caught by police.
If the Dyne test fluid remains as a film for three seconds, the substrate will have a minimum surface energy of that ink value, expressed in mN/m (Dynes).
2] (untreated) to 48, and LLDPE from 28-30 dynes to 50, which is high enough to promote good adhesion of interior foam.
But UC President Robert Dynes and CSU Chancellor Charles Reed lauded the agreement.