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(physics) a phase space together with a transformation of that space

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Key words: normal distribution, stochastic events, combined dynamic systems, power spectrum, white noise
With the release of the updated version, EASEUS Partition Master makes things much easier for users -- especially for server users, who need to convert a dynamic disk back to a basic disk directly or extend a dynamic system volume or resize a dynamic volume since the built-in Windows disk management utility is pretty limited in these respects.
In the theory of optimal control, the notion of "measuring the efficiency or inefficiency of the commands transmitted to a dynamic system [SIGMA]" is mathematically modeled by functionals of the form
We are on our third generation of Dynamic System Domains while competitors are still trying to figure out how to introduce their first generation of partitioning technology.
The NCD Toolbox extends SIMULINK(R), the MathWorks' intuitive block diagram environment for modeling and analyzing dynamic systems.
0, SIMULINK(tm), for dynamic system simulation, the newly announced SIMULINK C Code Generator, and its comprehensive family of MATLAB Application Toolboxes, to Digital Equipment's 64-bit RISC computing architecture, the Alpha AXP platform.
DALLAS -- New Dynamic System Partitioning Capability Underscores Unmatched Flexibility of Intervoice Omvia(R) Media Exchange
In 1957, Dynamic Systems introduced its first welding research tool, a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) simulator that was soon dubbed the 'Gleeble' by one of its creators.
Dynamic Systems, a leading provider of barcode tracking solutions since 1981, launched the SQL database on all its Checkmate Solutions, Checkmate applications include: ID badge systems, tool and equipment management, job tracking, and capital asset management.
of Arizona) describes efficient interactive computer programs that model dynamic systems such as control systems, aerospace vehicles, and biological systems.
This text for junior-level undergraduates covers modeling and analysis of dynamic systems and introduces vibration and control systems.
Such interactions are best understood as dynamic systems that tend toward stable patterns but that can change in response to pressure applied at key times, contend Patterson and psychologist Isabela Granic of the University of Toronto.
He joins AEgis with more than 15 years of experience in modeling and simulation of dynamic systems from automotive, aerospace, and electrical engineering, as well as in software engineering.
Although current state-of-the-art approaches are sufficient for modeling well-defined pathways, there is a need for continued refinement of both acquisition and analysis tools, which will allow for improved predictions of dynamic systems and integrated models of whole organisms (including, ultimately, the human).
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