garbage collection

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the collection and removal of garbage

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The constraint of static memory allocation is a fundamental flaw because the most general kind of computational process (a Turing Machine process) requires dynamic memory allocation.
Dynamic memory allocation, large packet memory, and non-blocking internal switch architecture allow a full line-rate on all ports for performance-hungry applications.
The library includes functions for string manipulation, dynamic memory allocation, data conversion, timekeeping and math functions (trigonometric, exponential and hyperbolic).
Also included is a dynamic memory allocation function that employs a time-bounded fragmentation avoidance scheme to help prevent the memory wastage typical of competitive DSP offerings.
Runtime-library support includes functions for string manipulation, dynamic memory allocation, data conversion, and math functions.
patent discloses the use of dynamic memory allocation and memory re-use on smart cards via the use of a static area, program index and an application area.
He is a prolific inventor, responsible for innovations such as concurrent copy, dynamic memory allocation, record-level caching and cross-platform sharing of UNIX and S/390 data, all of which have helped transform how data is stored and used.
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