garbage collection

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Synonyms for garbage collection

the collection and removal of garbage

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Runtime-library support includes functions for string manipulation, dynamic memory allocation, data conversion, and math functions.
Inuse helps developers optimize application performance by analyzing and graphically animating dynamic memory allocation in real time and reporting precise information about each potential memory problem.
patent discloses the use of dynamic memory allocation and memory re-use on smart cards via the use of a static area, program index and an application area.
CodeTEST for Tornado provides software developers with a set of easy-to-use integrated tools for the analysis of embedded software test coverage and dynamic memory allocation.
He is a prolific inventor, responsible for innovations such as concurrent copy, dynamic memory allocation, record-level caching and cross-platform sharing of UNIX and S/390 data, all of which have helped transform how data is stored and used.
User Defined Functions -- Object Orientation -- National Characters -- Unicode -- Multiple Currency Symbols -- Conditional Compilation -- Cultural Adaptability (Locales) -- Dynamic Memory Allocation -- Data Validation Using New VALIDATE Verb -- Binary and Floating Point Data Types -- User Definition of Data Types
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