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Comparing the two wings, with similar aerodynamic profiles and structural layouts, reveals that for a curved geometry the dynamic instability conditions are reached with higher flight velocity values.
Stress view radiographs provide the distinct advantage of assessing dynamic instability, whereas CT and MRI are static diagnostic tests.
Dynamic characteristics and dynamic instability of magnetorheological material-based adaptive beams, Journal of Composite Materials 40: 1333-1359.
The topics include cutting dynamics and machining instability, time-frequency analysis, temporal and spectral characteristics of dynamic instability, the time-frequency control of milling instability and chatter at high speed, the time-frequency control of friction induced instability, and the synchronization of chaos in the simultaneous time-frequency domain.
Compression systems are designed and operated to eliminate or minimize the potential for compressor surge, a dynamic instability detrimental to the integrity of the unit.
The dynamic systems approach indicates the existence of fluctuations under the presence of noise in the system and also predicts their enhancement as dynamic instability appears.
36 Hz) it was observed a great growth of the roughness, due to the dynamic instability (resonance) of the dynamic system for this frequency, compared to the other two cutting speeds.
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