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Synonyms for polymorphism

Synonyms for polymorphism

(genetics) the genetic variation within a population that natural selection can operate on

(chemistry) the existence of different kinds of crystal of the same chemical compound

(biology) the existence of two or more forms of individuals within the same animal species (independent of sex differences)

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However, a call graph does not represent important object-oriented concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism and dynamic binding.
The technology offers exceptional flow rates and high dynamic binding capacity since biomolecules access all binding sites by direct fluid convection.
Through the Application Broker's implementation of dynamic binding, Delphi applications can automatically discover new business rules on the server as they become available.
Fusion Dynamic's DynamicOE offers a near-turnkey operating environment that provides end-to-end service modeling; dynamic binding of applications, servers, network, and storage; automated provisioning and availability management from high-level, service-oriented models; replication of service models across data centers (i.
fast flow rates and high dynamic binding capacities), reducing processing steps, while maintaining high purity levels to meet the fullscale production demands required to fully tap the commercial potential of antisense drugs.
0 represent protocol specific signaling proxies (IMS Equivalence: P-CSCF) that enable the dynamic binding of physical resources to processing elements in the system.
Large number of configurable user queues per device with dynamic binding to physical ports
Redback's multiple context and dynamic binding capabilities are key to this phase.
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