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a language of Australian aborigines

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what would linguistic theory look like if it were based on the analysis of Lakhota, Tagalog and Dyirbal rather than on the analysis of English?
The layered model of the clause was developed precisely in order to solve the problems encountered by immediate constituent models when faced with nonconfigurational languages such as Dyirbal, and the evidence adduced for the model is drawn from a large number of languages, belonging to a wide range of typological groups.
Dyirbal owners/speakers prefer geographically close marriage (Dixon 1980:38-9), and they permit genealogically close marriage.
1) Total reduplication: Dyirbal nominals reduplicate fully to mark plurality (Dixon 1972)
The use of filler syllables required by metrical necessity is also found in other Australian Aboriginal songs such as Marri Ngarr lirrga songs from the Daly region (Ford 2006:28), Dyirbal songs from Cape York (Koch 1987:55-9) and Ngiyambaa songs from New South Wales (Donaldson 1987:31).
One of the primary theses of the book is that the basic relations S, A, and O (originally proposed in Dixon's 1968 thesis The Dyirbal Language of North Queensland) are universal syntactic-semantic primitives, on the basis of which the syntactic rules of every grammar can be framed.
338) and inquires in a final section whether Dyirbal verb-plus-adverbal constructions should be regarded as SVCs.
In 1964 I recorded, from George Watson, a Dreamtime story of the Dyirbal people (also shared with their Yidiny neighbours) concerning the origins of Lakes Eacham, Barrine and Euramoo, volcanic craters on the Atherton Tableland, North Queensland.
For instance, Dixon (1984:218) asserted that 'From a grammatical point of view each Dyirbal song is just like a fragment of Guwal [everyday language]' although the usual requirement that a case inflection must be attached to every word in a noun phrase can be relaxed in a song.
The Dyirbal example in (64) shows the theme in the instrumental case:
Elaborating on Kayne (1993), the authors propose that mixed auxiliation systems are driven by a "person ergativity split" of the kind familiar from the typological literature, as observed for instance in Dyirbal.
Koch 1996 Dyirbal Song Poetry: The Oral Literature of an Australian Rainforest People, University of Queensland Press, Brisbane.
Following Aissen's (1999a) analysis of split-ergativity in Dyirbal, I assume a set of conjoined constraints which are composed of the base set of constraints above and the constraint *[[empty set].
Examples of grammars in which nothing other than such labels, or very brief descriptions such as "this (near speaker)," "that (distant from speaker)" are given to account for demonstrative usage are not difficult to find; even the classic descriptive grammars such as Derbyshire's (1985) grammar of Hixkaryana or Dixon's (1972) grammar of Dyirbal are examples of this phenomenon.
A famous example for an S/A pivot language is English and for an S/O pivot language is Dyirbal (cf.