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Newly designed thermal heads virtually eliminate banding artifacts that often plague other dye sublimation printers.
Erez Shachar, President and Chief Executive Officer of NUR Macroprinters Ltd states, "We're delighted to be launching the world's first digital production-oriented dye sublimation printer developed for textile applications.
Paterniti also worked for Mitsubishi's imaging products division within PED, where he was responsible for the direct sales of thermal and dye sublimation printer devices in the eastern region of the United States.
The Spectra*Star DSx dye sublimation printer and Spectra*Star 280 thermal printer are unsurpassed in their categories for high-quality and low cost-per-page.
To create a stand-alone kiosk that offers on-the-spot digital printing, operators simply add up to three high-quality dye sublimation printers.
The first JetSend-equipped devices were laser printers, specifically the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4000 series, but there are also JetSend-enabled color laser printers and the technology is as applicable to inkjet or dye sublimation printers.
Under the sponsorship of Hewlett-Packard Company (nyse: HPQ), this research independently assessed preferences regarding the image quality of digital prints produced by HP (including the Photosmart 385, HP Photosmart 8050, and HP Photosmart 8750 Photo Printers) and key competitive systems, including inkjet printers, dye sublimation printers and conventional lab processing.
Samsung, the world's second largest laser engine manufacturer, marked its entry into the home photo printing market with this pair of compact, high-quality dye sublimation printers.
Thanks to the speed and efficiency of the new KODAK Photo Printers 6850 and 8800 thermal dye sublimation printers, the KODAK Picture Kiosk G4 can now make 4x6-inch prints in as little as four seconds(*) for $0.
Mitsubishi PrintEZ will be available to users of the Mitsubishi CP800DW, CP2000DU, CP700DS/D and CP7000DSW dye sublimation printers, and will allow users of these products to view, enhance and print their digital photos.
These thermal wax and dye sublimation printers provide
The prizes include; dye sublimation printers from Canon and Olympus, and digital Camera accessories from the major manufactures.
Prizes for the contest have been donated by the sponsors, and include dye sublimation printers from Canon and Olympus, and Digital Camera accessories from the major manufacturers.
With SuperCell 600, text and graphics are sharp and clear, approaching the quality of continuous-tone dye sublimation printers, but at much lower cost and higher speed.
Sandia Imaging, founded in 1993, develops, manufactures and sells dye sublimation printers for the plastic card industry.