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Synonyms for Dyaus

Hindu god of the sky


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ce que je considere comme la plus importante decouverte du XIXe siecle pour l'histoire ancienne de l'humanite, je repondrais par cette courte ligne: Sanscrit Dyaus Pitar = Grec Zeus Pater = Latin Juppitter = vieux norois Tyr.
2004, << Dyaus and Bhishma, Zeus and Sarpedon : Towards a History of the Indo-European Sky God >>, Gaia, 8 : 29-36.
In Vedic India, his Sanskrit name was Dyaus pitar, or "Father Sky," and the rules of linguistic evolution suggest the archaic Indo-European personification of atmospheric power was named Dieus or Dyevos.
Other passages suggest that Indra was the son of Dyaus and brother of Agni.
to Hastings' Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics which deal with Indian: birth, death and disposal of the dead, Brahman, Dyaus, light and darkness, (Hindu) worship.