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United States tennis player who donated the Davis Cup for international team tennis competition (1879-1945)

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Led by Dwight Davis of the New York and Atlanta offices, the King & Spalding defense team included Ann Cook, Litigation attorney in New York and Natasha Horne Moffitt, Intellectual Property attorney in Atlanta.
Today it is headed by Dwight Davis, a former insurance CEO who sat on Greenheck's board for 10 years and who has committed the company to rapid growth.
We're convinced that web applications and enterprise portals can dramatically lower the cost of doing business and improve collaboration between employees, partners and customers," said Dwight Davis, vice president of market research firm Summit Strategies, Inc.
With a family background that stretches back to the founder of the Davis Cup, Evader is pleased to welcome Dwight Davis to the Evader team.
Dwight Davis, vice president and practice director of the analyst firm Summit Strategies, commented, "The company's technical and infrastructure expertise should prove very useful in helping eFORCE win engagements to build private supply-chain marketplaces, which Summit Strategies expects to blossom even as some public online marketplaces struggle.
MetaFrame Feature Release 2 includes new management, security, and user-support features that significantly enhance the value of the product, and will help ensure MetaFrame's continued success," said Dwight Davis, vice president and practice director for Summit Strategies, Inc.
In a separate profile of Richard Rashid, Vice President of Advanced Technology and Research, editor Dwight Davis examines how Microsoft recruits, manages and motivates its high-powered researchers.
In the software world, there is a clear opportunity for any vendor that can bridge the two worlds of Java and Microsoft," said Dwight Davis, analyst for Summit Strategies, Inc.
According to Dwight Davis, Wausau's executive vice president for customer services: "This agreement will combine the strengths of both organizations.
Davis Cup is named after American Dwight Davis who founded the competition in 1900 to develop international co-operation through tennis.
Application and services hosting has emerged as the most significant trend in the computer industry this year, and the hosting model is already well on its way to transforming the way corporations will purchase software functionality," said Dwight Davis, Service Director, Summit Strategies, Inc.
We feel the bundling of this great printer with our FlexiSIGN-PRO software will be a welcome solution to the industry," stated Dwight Davis, Director of Domestic Sales.
As LinuxWorld opens today in San Jose, CA, Summit Strategies' analyst Dwight Davis predicts that nagging liability concerns and a potential culture clash could dampen the ultimate success of Linux, the freeware phenomenon that is suddenly the IT industry's darling.
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo is perfectly timed to help people understand the far-reaching ramifications of this advancing operating system and the open source development model that spawned it," says Dwight Davis, Service Director, Summit Strategies, Inc.