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United States tennis player who donated the Davis Cup for international team tennis competition (1879-1945)

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eWHAT is the middle name of Dwight Davis, the man who started tennis's Davis Cup?
Best known for his namesake, tennis' Davis Cup, Dwight Davis served as secretary of war (1925-29), a position in which he promoted industrial mobilization, military aviation and armored warfare.
SUMMIT STRATEGIES analyst Dwight Davis on the impact of the Microsoft acquisition on other accounting software companies: "They're not going to be sleeping too well tonight.
A few years ago, Dwight Davis, president and founder of Deco-Chem, Inc.
Shreve, Crump & Lowe was commissioned by Dwight Davis to create the first Davis Cup 100 years ago, to be given to the winner of the first international tennis tournament between the United States and Britain.
BURLEY, Idaho -- Cassia County customers can now pay for their vehicle registrations using credit and debit cards at the DMV office in downtown Burley, Cassia County Assessor Dwight Davis announced.
RxResults has had the benefit of exclusivity for 8 years and it hasn't helped them or us," Dwight Davis, the director of EBRx, said in an email on April 7.
According to Luz, Dwight Davis was quick to smile, and endeared himself to high society by learning and participating in the traditional rigodon in MalacaNang.
In photo, back row: Dwight Davis, Bill DaGiau, Rhonda Bernstein.
Dwight Davis, the Harvard University student and member of the first U.
One element of security is just the integrity of Microsoft's Web sites where a lot of this information is stored,' said Dwight Davis of market research firm Summit Strategies.
SUMMIT STRATEGIES analyst Dwight Davis on Microsoft's attempts to develop a rental pricing model: If I were pressed to name a threat to Microsoft, it wouldn't be Linux or the antitrust case.
The webinar is led by an expert on this case and aggregation claims, Dwight Davis, and focuses on:
By any measure, Dwight Davis has had a remarkable life's journey.
Davis - Frederick Dwight Davis, 86, of Eugene, died Aug.