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small finback of coastal waters of Atlantic and Pacific

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A note of the first record of the Dwarf minke whale, Balaenoptera acutorostrata in Chilean waters.
The dwarf minke whale is commonly found along the eastern coast of South America, from northeastern Brazil (~5[degrees] S) to channels in the Tierra del Fuego in Southern Argentina and Chile (~56[degrees] S) (Baldas and Castello, 1986; Zerbini et al.
At this point, it is premature to suggest that the dwarf minke whale occurs regularly off the coast of Maranhao.
Dwarf minke whales have the most complex colour patterns of all baleen whales.
Queensland's unique opportunity for tourists to have an underwater encounter with dwarf minke whales is governed by Marine Park permits and a comprehensive Code of Practice.
Dwarf minke whales are not the strong, silent type after all, say two California researchers.
Our cover story in this issue is from Viarnne Mischon, who travelled to north Queensland for an experience she will never forget: snorkelling with the inquisitive dwarf minke whales which return annually to the outer Great Barrier Reef, where they interact with swimmers and divers.