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the standard typewriter keyboard

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26) Liebowitz and Margolis (1990) cast doubt on the claim that the Dvorak keyboard was in fact greatly superior to the QWERTY keyboard.
This idea is similar to keyboards with interchangeable keys: it is well-known that the Dvorak keyboard has a lead over the QWERTY design.
Our story concerns the history of the standard typewriter keyboard, commonly known as QWERTY, and its more recent rival, the Dvorak keyboard.
The Dvorak keyboard has nothing so long on the top row; the best we can manage is the 6-character GLYCYL.
If one uses a Dvorak keyboard instead, the original list is reduced to beebe, booboo, dikdik, dumdum and Mimi.
Settings can be changed easily to accommodate students' individuality, such as whether they are left-handed or right-handed, whether they prefer a QWERTY or DVORAK keyboard layout, or which fonts and font sizes they wish to use for applications.
The QD keyboard combines the proven comfort and productivity benefits of the basic Kinesis keyboard design with the highly efficient Dvorak keyboard layout.
Mavis Beacon" knows how to develop the skills of anyone from the absolute beginner, to the intermediate typist who never quite mastered the number keys, to the expert interested in learning the Dvorak keyboard.