flat panel display

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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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The AdderLink X-DVI PRO will support the extension of full speed transparent USB together with no compromise DVI over distances up to 200ft.
Stevan Eidson, Silicon Image director of product marketing, display semiconductors, stated, "Silicon Image is driving DVI host-side adoption with our proven PanelLink DVI transmitter solutions.
The exciting result of our engineering is that despite the use of some very sophisticated circuits, the AdderLink X-DVI, the world's first no compromise DVI KVM solutions, can be delivered at a price comparable to current professional analog extension products," Nigel Dickens adds.
To meet the growing demand for digital LCD monitors, DVI-enabled graphics cards are growing in popularity, and end users want the confidence of knowing their DVI output will provide a consistently high-quality visual experience on their flat panel display," noted Bob O'Donnell, research director, device technology for IDC.
The Express DVI D-C Extension System clearly demonstrates the undisputed benefits of glass optical fiber - data security, picture perfect video, no RFI-EMI effects and plug 'n play simplicity.
The report, "DVI & HDMI: Digitizing the Interface in PCs and Consumer Electronics" (#IN020013MI), includes unit forecasts by year through 2006 for the penetration of DVI and HDMI (a potential successor to DVI) into fourteen different applications.
Using assumptions consistent with historical DVI securitization performance, Fitch ran a series of cash flow runs for each transaction to determine the appropriate rating movements, if any.
DVI agreed with the investor that the proceeds from the issue would be used to support the growth in DVI's medical equipment financing operations in selected foreign countries.
DisplayPort is designed to replace DVI, LVDS and eventually VGA, making digital display connections easier, more readily available and more functional.
the world's leading independent healthcare financier, announced today it closed a three-year $100 million commercial paper conduit facility for its subsidiary, DVI Business Credit Corporation.
Flip DVI-D is the Only Compact KVM Switch that Supports Dual-Link DVI Monitors, Such as Apple Cinema Displays
OPIC approved a Credit Facility for DVI covering loans and leases originated and secured by diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment to private healthcare providers located in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Turkey.
HDMI-enabled device shipments will grow 78% per year through 2010, while DVI will begin to decline in 2007, the high-tech market research firm says.
O'Hanlon, DVI President and CEO, is scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2001 at 10 a.
The PS301 is a 3-port digital video interface (DVI) or high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) switch that allows up to 3 ports of DVI or HDMI to be switched to a single terminal while the PS201 is a 2-port to a single port DVI or HDMI switch.