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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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MultiView DVI is compatible with Magenta's Mondeo Matrix III scalable UTP switch, meaning that new Mondeo Matrix installations and those already in the field can support both digital and analogue video signals, within the same switch-in configurations ranging from 16x16 to 256x512.
The high performance and realistic video and graphics capabilities offered by DVI are essential to unlocking the true potential of digital information and entertainment display systems within the home or workplace," said Greg Fischer, Conexant's vice president of Convergence Video Products.
Stevan Eidson, Silicon Image director of product marketing, display semiconductors, stated, "Silicon Image is driving DVI host-side adoption with our proven PanelLink DVI transmitter solutions.
A wide range of software is available for ActionMedia II DVI boards.
This won't be the last DVI sale for GE, however, Nigel Andrews, GE vice president for Corporate Planning, spoke at the October 14th Press Conference in New York City, saying GE plans to develop many internal and commercial DVI applications as a DVI customer.
This report gives annual penetration forecasts through 2014 for both DVI and HDMI in 20 separate applications within PCs, PC peripherals, CE devices, mobile phones, and automobiles.
The DVi line includes the DVi-5000+, DVi-4000 and DVi-3000 set-tops, which all offer expanded channel capacity, virtual channels, Internet access and hyperlinking.
In multimedia jargon, the key new element that DVI technology provides for multimedia creators is "realtime video"--the ability to capture audio/video clips and still images as easily as one would tape a television program.
The AdderLink X-DVI is the world's first extender to send USB, DVI and DDC EDID signals over the same CAT6 cable.
CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom -- Adder, a leading developer of KVM switches, extenders and KVM over IP solutions, today announced a unique DVI technology demonstration at IBC 2008.
Using Cat5 Cables, HDMI and DVI Signals Can Be Reliably Carried More Than Twice as Far as with Standard Cables
The AdderLink X-DVI is the world's first extender to send both USB and DVI signals over the same CAT6 cable.
Designed for dual -channel DVI input only, the controller requires only a single supply voltage of 24VDC and derives all necessary voltages to support the controller, panel and inverter with variable brightness
the leading developer and manufacturer of optical extension cables and modules for system integrated Information Technology applications, is now shipping a Converter and Repeater/Splitter Box system linked by two strands of Multi-Mode glass optical fiber that provides DVI signals to daisy chained display peripherals (projectors, LCD & plasma panels) up to 500m (1,640 ft).
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings takes the following actions on the long-term and Distressed Recovery (DR) ratings for the DVI transactions listed below: