ordinary care

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the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances

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The law imposes criminal liability on corporations where there is a gross breach of Duty of Care resulting in the death of a person, such as employee, person on a work site, or business traveler.
It said: "No duty of care can be owed by a local authority in the exercise of child protection functions to investigate and take action to prevent significant harm.
According to Murphy (1980), the emergence of the modern concept of duty of care, in late-nineteenth-century common law, was the expression of the ethical principle that people should act with regard to the safety of others: "The judicial process had become a mechanism to teach the members of the body politic how they could live safer and therefore better lives" (Murphy, 1980, p.
CareMonkey is a partner-led organisation, and together with Event Workforce Group, we look forward to ensuring premier events better deliver on their duty of care to staff and patrons.
Our primary duty of care is surely to future generations, while those with a religious faith believe they also have a duty of care to a higher being, who commissioned them to be wise stewards of the world in which we all live.
According to the claims, BinckBank has been accused of failing to exercise its duty of care to third parties (non-customers).
Some areas roads are well maintained and some aren't, so the duty of care to the drivers of this country is very much a hit and miss thing.
1) That a duty of care was owed by the doctor to the patient; and
Individual doctors, not the BMA, have a duty of care, acceptable to the General Medical Council, and the courts.
A board's duty of care implies exposure to liability, but the business judgment rule precludes it.
An independent hearing into officer's conduct on that night found Sergeant Mark Albutt guilty of gross misconduct for failing in his duty of care.
which said "a name-brand manufacturer has no duty of care to consumers that are not using the manufacturer's product.
New Zealand Companies focus on Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care Business travel is a competitive advantage.