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The duty managers oversee the operation of different departments then report to me.
Mr Ledger told the tribunal the decision on whether to grit was not his responsibility as duty manager in the Direct Service Organisation.
When we called this week, duty manager Ian Bow said Reilly had since moved on to help improve struggling Tesco stores in Leatherhead, Surrey and Ashford, Middlesex.
His proud boss, duty manager Jo Bloor, said: "It was for services rendered to the society.
The 30-year-old, who is duty manager at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, added: "Let's face it, the women's game doesn't get much coverage, so it's a case of any publicity is good publicity.
Sainsbury's in Ripon, North Yorkshire, won The Grocer 33 Top Store Award this time last year, when duty manager Diane Hayes received the award on behalf of store manager Nick Alcock.
STATION CHAT: Lord MacDonald (right) with James Plaskitt (centre) and duty manager Diggory Waite at Warwick Parkway
Sainsbury's Ripon duty manager Diane Hayes was particularly happy to receive this week's Top Store Award on behalf of manager Nick Allcock as she views it as proof that the 10-month-old former Morrisons store is being well received by the local community.
Pictures: LISA CAREY; I'M NO DUMMY: Duty manager Danny Pope shows off life-saving skills on a model of a baby
Divorcee Helen, 48, a Group 4 duty manager at Buckley Hall prison near Rochdale, resigned as police were called in to investigate .
Sainsbury's Hamilton store duty manager, John Monaghan said that winning this week's Top Store title was fantastic news for his staff, as there has been an increased focus on teamwork over the past few months.
Susan Harrison, Odeon duty manager, said: "Dogs are an important part of family life and once they have left that family, then they need help.
A duty manager at the hospital admitted Annette had been in chains during part of the birth.
Stephan Field, aged 25, duty manager at the centre in Welsh Road West, has teamed up with members Ian Pantling, aged 24, from Northend, and Stephen Whitfield, aged 31, Mark Whitfield, aged 26, and Paul Whitfield, aged 33, all brothers from Farnborough, for the walk up Ben Nevis on September 22.
Airport duty manager Jakki Ginn said engineers were still trying to identify the fault and the passengers would stay overnight in the hotel.