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the people of the Netherlands


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Eight out of 10 Dutch people think the Netherlandsa borders should remain closed to people from Bulgaria and Romania from next year, according to a Maurice de Hond opinion poll for the Socialist Party.
Learn the answers to such critical questions as why do so many Dutch people wear denim and brown shoes?
As per a study, most medical tourists are Dutch people attempting to avoid long waiting lists for certain types of treatment in their country.
In Pembrokeshire we met many Germans, there were Dutch people there with their very distinctive number plates, and we met a number of French families.
When I was stationed in Germany with the Patricias, we visited Oosterbeek and found that the Dutch people do more than place the odd flower, etc.
During the meeting, al-Qirbi and Verheul reviewed the progress of the investigation into the abduction of two Dutch people and government's efforts to release them safely.
We have arrested two Dutch people in Germany who apparently took part in this crime," a spokesman for the Dusseldorf prosecutor's office said.
He then paid tribute to all the Dutch people who supported the Americans and the Dutch underground operatives who risked their lives to aid the liberation efforts.
Queen Beatrix has delivered a speech to the Dutch people this evening, announcing she is to quit her role as head of Holland's constitutional monarchy.
The consequence, immediately recognisable to anyone who has visited those countries, is that virtually all Dutch people below a certain age have an impressive grasp of spoken English while in Germany the overwhelming majority tend to struggle with it.
Based on a poem by Marie Jacobs, this animated short by Oscar-winning director Co Hoedeman pays tribute to the ingenuity of the Dutch people during a dark period of their history--the winter of hunger of 1944-1945.
Because these issues are connected to a mostly Muslim demographic, many Dutch people see them as intrinsic to Islam and believe being Dutch and Muslim can't go hand in hand.
The more than 16 million Dutch people are rightly proud of their heritage and come out to celebrate the Queen's birthday every year on April 31, known as Queen's Day (Koninginnedag).