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an oven consisting of a metal box for cooking in front of a fire

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iron or earthenware cooking pot

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Caption: Starfrit The Rock collection expands to include The Rock One Pot, which includes a 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, 5.
The longer your hearth is pre-heated, the easier it will be to control cooking heat and maintain coals for your skillets, pots and Dutch ovens.
We do sell a reasonable amount of cast iron Dutch ovens, as well as other cast-iron cooking utensils and accessories," said Virginia Solgot, marketing director of Wulf Outdoor Sports.
If your Dutch oven isn't well-seasoned, wipe shortening/lard onto its surfaces.
Dutch ovens can be used for baking, boiling, frying, roasting, deep-fat frying, stewing - and more
Lodge cast-iron Dutch ovens have been used on the trail for more than 100 years.
Dutch ovens are available in a variety of sizes and materials.
There are links to dozens upon dozens of other online cooking sites, mostly involving Dutch ovens.
Using an experiential learning model, Camp Orkila outlined a program where campers helped care for the animals, assisted in the garden, and did all of their own cooking in Dutch ovens.
Many a pot has seen more than a generation of service, and there are people who still own and use Dutch ovens that made the trip West by covered wagon.
Camp Chef is devoted to bringing its customers innovative and cutting-edge modular cooking systems, ranging from quality cast iron Dutch ovens and skillets, powerful propane outdoor cook stoves, and most recently, the Turkey Cannon, which can cook a 12-pound turkey in about an hour.
Dutch ovens have been used as cooking vessels for hundreds of years.
ACROSS THE CONTINENT, dark and dusty corners of thousands of basements and barns contain hidden treasures: skillets, Dutch ovens, griddles and other cookware cast in iron, possibly from a century or two ago.
The ceramic casseroles, enameled-steel Dutch ovens and other cook, bake and serve items have begun to arrive at various retailers, extending the venerable brand name into a wider family of non-electric items.
When asked what my favorite cooking device is and why, immediately the thought crossed my mind: Dutch ovens.