Dutch elm disease

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disease of elms caused by a fungus

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Despite Dutch elm disease, the American elm deserves a comeback, says Jim Sherald of the Park Service.
Although the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease are especially evident to anyone taking a train journey through southern England, Wales is not as well endowed with woodlands as some might suppose.
Dutch elm disease killed an estimated 90 percent of the American elms in the United States.
Years ago, when there was much less traffic in plants and goods across international borders, organisms such as Japanese Beetles, Gypsy Moths, Dutch Elm Disease and Chestnut Tree Blight were able to cross our borders.
Dutch Elm disease, which is carried by a bark beetle, has affected an estimated 25 million elm trees in the UK since 1970, out of a population of about 30 million.
No tree was more beloved for city streets and backyards than the American elm, which fell victim to Dutch elm disease and all but vanished from the urban landscape.
You can see the toll Dutch Elm disease took of the "Warwickshire weed" as elms used to be called.
The plant survived the devastating Dutch elm disease that destroyed an estimated 25 million in the 60s and 70s - and has now been used to provide more than 2,000 healthy saplings.
Under the plan, they won't spray trees for Dutch elm disease again this year and won't pay firefighters to staff the Fire Station on weekends as they last did two years ago.
If the fungus were to attack our oak forests, however, the impact could be as devastating as Dutch Elm Disease.
The national co-champion American elm, a beautiful, classically shaped elm that graced a field in Grand Traverse County, Michigan, died after a two-year stuggle against Dutch elm disease.
Dutch elm disease wiped out millions of British trees in the 1960s and 70s and hit Warwickshire particularly hard.
Experts fear it could cause more damage than Dutch elm disease - which has claimed 20 million UK elms since1970 - if it is not controlled.
Over the years, town and state officials have taken steps to inoculate the tree against Dutch elm disease.
One--the national champion American elm, in Grand Traverse County, Michigan--has recently been declared dead from Dutch elm disease.
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