Dutch elm disease

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disease of elms caused by a fungus

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But those who still believe we have too many conifers in Wales can start replacing all those lost elms with the Princeton Elm, a variety with 96% resistance to Dutch Elm Disease.
The state Department of Conservation and Recreation gave Oakham a $1,100 grant in February 2006 to prune dead limbs and inoculate the tree against Dutch elm disease.
It might be possible in a laboratory but at considerable expense, and there is no way to protect cuttings from Dutch elm disease.
A worst case scenario would be one or more of our beautiful oaks proving so susceptible that a plague comparable to Dutch elm disease or chestnut blight would sweep major ecosystems, even continent-wide.
That tree is descended from and replaced the John Quincy Adams [American] Elm, which was planted during the administration of the sixth president but succumbed to Dutch elm disease.
They come from a collection of elms Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin used to propagate an American elm resistant to Dutch elm disease.
The elm succumbed to Dutch elm disease, and all that remains is a huge ivy-covered stump with a plaque on it.
The project will take five years to undo the damage of a century of neglect, German bombing and Dutch elm disease.
Dutch Elm Disease, which wiped out millions of trees more than 20 years ago, has returned to the Midlands.
The felling of the last American elm tree from Worcester Common this week - a victim of the relentless Dutch elm disease that has ravaged the species since the 1930s - serves as a reminder of the vital role trees play in any city and how profoundly such trees shaped the urban landscapes of the past.
A stately young American elm represents more than a decade of work developing specimens resistant to Dutch elm disease, which decimated this popular street tree.
The elm is a deciduous tree whose numbers were ravaged by Dutch Elm Disease.
WORCESTER - The last American elm tree on Worcester Common was removed yesterday, after it succumbed to Dutch elm disease.
You might get suspicious when they say they have Dutch elm disease or get 'the flu' when England are in the World Cup, but there's not much you can say.
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