Dutch elm

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any of various hybrid ornamental European shade trees ranging from dwarf to tall

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Whether it will be as devastating as Dutch elm disease we don't know, but the one glimmer of hope is that there appears to be 10 per cent natural resistance within the population so we are unlikely to see them completely disappear from the landscape.
In its review of the Dutch Elm Receivables series 1999-B transaction, Fitch noted increasing levels of credit enhancement available to each class of notes.
Fast-growing ash helped heal the scars of Dutch elm disease and filled in the gaping holes left in our woods following the great storm of 1987.
Al Gore could get Dutch Elm disease--every spring you have to worry he's going to show up at the Senate with a yellow chalk circle on his suit.
In addition, Dutch elm disease killed 90 percent of the nation's American elm trees--a species the Indiana bat depended on to raise its young.
These invasions are reminiscent of the Dutch elm blight that arrived in the 1920s and systemically wiped out the American elm tree.
Four of the bedrooms have elm flooring, now a particular rarity in the aftermath of Dutch Elm disease.
He went on to study metabolites from fungi that are responsible for a number of other diseases--canker formation in plants, for black root disease in pine, for Dutch elm disease, and from fungi that inhibit Dutch elm disease.
According to Celtic Tree Astrology, we are at the moment in the Tree Month and Astrolology Sign Ngetal (pronounced nyettal), the Reed (or young Dutch Elm Tree) which started on October 28 and ends November 24.
The fungus that causes Dutch elm disease makes an infected tree strengthen its odors, attracting beetles that carry the fungus on to the next tree, researchers have found.
The fungus that causes Dutch elm disease (DED) accidentally rode into the United States on elm logs shipped from France to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1931.
In the 1960s and 70s, hundreds of millions of elms nationwide were lost to Dutch Elm disease, including more than 200,000 elm trees in the Twin Cities alone.
of an effort to "re-elm" America, The institute was founded m 1967 to rally support from the private sector for Dutch Elm Disease research.
Dutch Elm disease had claimed the beautiful old elm tree that graced St Mary's Walk in Acklam.
Midwest and scientists fear the insect has the potential to become another Dutch elm disease essentially wiping out ash trees.
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