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a group of islands in the Lesser Antilles just to the north of Venezuela that are administered by The Netherlands

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The foundation of a Dutch West India Company became for Usselincx and his supporters a moral mission, a drive to "save" the native Americans and forge with them the anti-Spanish alliance they so desperately sought.
Prospering as an architect-builder, he became a merchant-trader but still retained his connection with the Dutch West India Company as consultant.
To achieve the goals of permanent settlement and agricultural production, the Dutch West India Company instituted the patroon system, in which landowners were given tracts of land to settle and develop.
3) Watson 1989:105-14 describes the character of the placaaten relating to the Dutch West India Company.
The Dutch governor, Peter Stuyvesant, didn't want them but was overruled by the Dutch West India Company after Jews in Holland protested.
The Dutch West India Company was keen to cultivate the Jewish Diaspora's worldwide trade links, and Jewish traders fanned out throughout the New World.
The Dutch West India Company (WIC), Merwick argues, never intended that its presence in North America would involve subjugating the native people.
1624: The Dutch West India Company establishes New Amsterdam, a colony of 30 families on the tip of present-day Manhattan Island, New York City.
14) In the decade between 1637 and 1647 alone, the Dutch West India Company claimed the Portuguese possessions of El Mina, Principe, Angola and Sao Tome through military conquest.
It is to be noticed that all this extent of country falls within the line of demarcation of the Dutch East India Company, if we are to believe their maps, and that this motive of interest has perhaps made them give a false position to New Zealand, lest it should fall within the line of demarcation of the Dutch West India Company: for these two companies are as jealous of each other, as they are of other nations of Europe.
The third chapter focuses on the New Amsterdam Jewish community's close relationship with the Dutch West India Company, whose business interests facilitated the Jewish settlement over Governor Peter Stuyvesant's objections.
The Dutch West India Company had various settlements on the African coast, and millions of slaves were ferried from there, especially during the time of the Dutch occupation of Brazil.
Because of the island's appealing location 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela, the Dutch West India Co.
of New York College of Oneonta), natives of New York's Mohawk Valley, introduce an annotated revision of the 1991 edition of the journal of Dutch West India company employee Bogaert, which provides the earliest extant description of the Dutch in Iroquois country.
As bond laborers, under the initial proprietorship of the Dutch West India Company, Caesar's residence was a forced aggregation of workers quartered in "Negro houses.