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In Malaya, Theodore Hubback forced through faunal protection policies that belatedly culminated in the creation of an immense national park (Taman Negara), although this move lagged behind events in parts of the Dutch Indies.
They insist that Malay, a language he dismisses as "impoverished" and "riddled with borrowed words,"6 is the appropriate medium for the social and political mobilization of the disparate peoples of the Dutch Indies.
Bringing the Gospel to all nations (including China, Dutch Indies, Belgian Congo, Venezuela) was regarded as a prerequisite for the second coming of Christ.
Hyatt Regency Aruba - Palm Beach, Aruba, Dutch Indies -- Midnight Gambler Casino Cruises - Pompano, Fla.
Whereas the first three novels are narrated by Minke, House of Glass shifts away from him and is presented as a set of office notes made by Jacques Pangemanann, the first high-ranking Native officer in the Dutch Indies colonial service.