Hyacinthus orientalis

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widely grown for its fragrance and its white, pink, blue, or purplish flowers

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Allium Daffodils Dutch hyacinth Wind flowers Crocus Grape hyacinth Tulips The variety of colour and shapes available make tulips a popular choice in almost every garden
Still other bulbs, such as those of Dutch hyacinths and hybrid tulips, are bred to produce their best bloom in a single season.
In most soils you can leave the bulbs of Dutch hyacinths outdoors over winter, although you may not get as good a show in the second year.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Allium and daffodil bulbs can be transplanted into garden beds, as can Dutch hyacinths in areas with distinct winter chill.
More than 24,000 tulips, daffodils, Dutch hyacinths, Dutch iris and other flowers will be greeting spring as they unfold to full bloom by the end of the month.