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a paper jacket for a book

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Press-quality PDF files of cover, dustjacket, case, specialty coatings, and interior text as applies
This painstakingly researched study, which includes a 21-page bibliography, is poorly served by a dustjacket the colour of water-weeds, in which Levitan's Evening.
It is, then, not coincidental that Standfuss treats each publication as an Objekt, describing its very physicality--from size to font--with most attention given the dustjacket image and to the internal layout.
They may also need some maps as the book's only ones are on the inside of the dustjacket, an unfortunate oversight for a resource aimed at those who need maps most.
The trail pamphlet follows the same design format as the other four developed by KZN Literary Tourism: in appearance, the desired look is that of a book dustjacket with 'typewriter' lettering, running red dots like ellipses, further reading suggested on the back, a map of the stops, and contact details supplied plus sponsors' logos.
15: Thomas Keates' 1929 history - with dustjacket intact.
The dustjacket is torn and stained but still more or less intact; the price of sixteen shillings seems laughable now.
The diversity of the essays by which the contributors to The Commonwealth of Books honour Willison responds to this erudition: as the summary on the dustjacket puts it, they "reflect the breadth of his interests and the scope of his curiosity.
As George Nash, author of The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 and dean of American conservative historians, says on the dustjacket, "Patrick Allitt has written a perceptive, rigorously balanced, and richly panoramic account of conservative ideas and thinkers in American politics and culture since 1787.
Among its more striking features are the fourteen illustrated initials, contributed by Ambrose Dyson, which began each chapter and which are also used on the book's dustjacket.
It would have said Clement Freud on the dustjacket, but it wasn't until I was a lot older that I gained the fluency with numbers to put two and two together and realise that it was the Clement Freud, broadcaster, journalist, jockey, raconteur, politician, bon viveur and, now, sadly, none of these things as he died last week.
Even on the title-page and dustjacket Fontamebleau is misspelled.
Also see the praise given by Paul Tillich and Reinhold Niebuhr that appears on the dustjacket of the 1959 edition.
All too often the hyperbolic blurb on the dustjacket is just that.
Admitting "there are no simple answers" in the novel-to-film transition, Sutherland cites one critic's view of Elinor tending Marianne at her sickbed as a Vampiric lesbian translation of the novel-to-film relationship, and then alludes to how the film is described as a "'labour of love'" on "the dustjacket of .