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a truck for collecting domestic refuse

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She added that by ruling out privatisation they could now install computer systems in the new dustcarts to allow binmen to instantly record that bins had been collected or not and have up to date lists of households who had paid for the green waste collection.
Steve, a gardener, says: "People think I have a strange hobby but nothing comes close to the thrill of riding in a dustcart.
On the day, the city's dustcarts mustered in Sophia Gardens then, loaded with waving children decked out in their Sunday best, plodded slowly along, at the rear of the parade, to the City Hall where they were reviewed by his worship the Lord Mayor.
Some dustcarts contain weighing equipment which can then link this information to the amount of rubbish collected from each owner.
It was too large ( making it very difficult for dustcarts and big vans to pass.
It quickly established as a provider of chassis for municipal vehicles such as dustcarts and road sweepers.
has now launched an advertising campaign, including messages on dustcarts and binbags, giving tips on how to tackle junk e-mails.
The dustmen had promised to carry out a minimum service, and four of the island's seven dustcarts left the depot in Ibiza Town escorted by police yesterday.
My father and brother were binmen in the 1960s and they had to carry metal bins on their shoulders to empty the rubbish into the dustcarts.
But Coventry City Council said it was too dangerous for the 26-ton dustcarts to negotiate slippery side roads.
A local authority has found the purr-fect way of highlighting its commitment to conservation and climate change by liverying its new 20-strong fleet of Warwick-built Dennis Eagle dustcarts as tigers.
Rhondda Cynon Taf council expects to save pounds 8m by 2010 by replacing and updating its dustcarts, gritters, mobile libraries, minibuses, vans and lorries with brand new vehicles, rather than hiring them.
An alert was sounded last week, when dustmen reported bins falling off dustcarts as they were tipped up to be emptied.
Or she may be after a job on the dustcarts - after all she's bin round New York before.
For although 200 casual staff have been hired by council bosses to cover for the binmen, hardly any are qualified to drive dustcarts.