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Synonyms for dustpan

the quantity that a dustpan will hold


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a short-handled receptacle into which dust can be swept

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WHAT YOU NEED: light corn syrup * 3 packets unflavored gelatin * measuring cup * water * microwave oven or stove * oven mitt * a fork * green food dye * broom * dust pan * gloves
If you're tuckpointing bricks, a metal dust pan makes an excellent "hawk" for carrying mortar.
Sheree tossed a dust pan to her brother and grabbed the broom.
The foreign matter was ultimately traced to an overly-zealous floor sweeper who dumped his dust pan into an internal mixer.
Instead I carefully swept debris into the dust pan as he held it for me.
It can hold the dust pan, sort laundry or serve as your wakeup call.
Stir cornstarch and powdered sugar together in a large bowl, then dust pan with half of mixture, tipping to coat.
He said the best way to get the broken glass out of the leaf-mould was with a dust pan and brush.
LEAVE plenty of cleaning products to encourage your guests to keep your house tidy - soap, washing-up liquid, bleach, a mop, dust pan and brush.
Thankfully, this jazzy cleaning equipment won't hit the pocket too hard - a dust pan and brush costs a fiver.
We may never know the answer to this or why boys will happily play with a dust pan and brush, only to become allergic to them when they turn into men.
The core seven pieces of the Love Collection -- which include a broom, mop, dust pan, and toilet bowl and brush -- are currently in three styles: black with red roses, leopard print with red roses and denim with pink roses.
but ask him where the dust pan and brush was kept at St James' and he'd take you straight there.
Broken glass should be swept up with a broom and dust pan and disposed of posthaste.
Apron, Dunelm Mill; Bekvam step stool, Ikea; vintage green dust pan and brush, patio broom and soft brooms, handles, all Addis; wooden hand brush, Robert Dyas; extending window cleaner, Karcher TOP CLEANING TIPS The scientists at Dyson have discovered some brilliant cost-saving cleaning tips: ?