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Synonyms for dustpan

the quantity that a dustpan will hold


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a short-handled receptacle into which dust can be swept

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Because had Arab leaders over the years come to terms with that reality, it would not be difficult to declare that 99% of the problems facing the Arab World will be easily taken out with a dust pan.
Elsewhere in the house, deputies saw pieces of what appeared to be a broken glass jar or vase partially swept into a dust pan in the kitchen, as well as a tuft of what appeared to be the victim's blonde hair in a kitchen garbage can, according to the affidavit.
Annie Mahon, Salford IF your pet has an accident, put bicarbonate of soda on the mess, leave overnight, brush up the bulk into a dust pan and vacuum the rest.
Dropped from the counter of globalization in the midst of economic transactions, these human coins, illegal tender get swept up into the dust pan of national identity and border security.
The broom, the dust pan, the knives, the paper napkins.
Keep Calm and Carry On mug, pounds 10, from John Lewis Dunelm Mill Black Dust Pan and Brush, pounds 1.
A member of staff was walking around with a dust pan and brush tidying up and the checkout operator greeted our shopper, packed her bogs and wished her o good weekend.
Other items are an upright, Whirlwind vacuums and the Cleaning Play Set, consisting of a dust broom with handle, hand brush, dust pan, play cleaner bottle and "two fun-shaped sponges," according to the entry on the Web site, called Dirt Devil Kids' Store.
However, shouldn't those in authority put away the dust pan and brush and stop sweeping the idea under the carpet and think through properly the inevitable?
The purple footprint culprit has changed socks, green bean ends are whisked away in the dust pan, and the cupboards and counters have resumed their normal color.
In normal circumstances punters would have had their moan and then the racing authorities' dust pan and brush would have swept the incident under the Portman Square carpet.
WHAT YOU NEED: light corn syrup * 3 packets unflavored gelatin * measuring cup * water * microwave oven or stove * oven mitt * a fork * green food dye * broom * dust pan * gloves
Sheree tossed a dust pan to her brother and grabbed the broom.