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a miniature whirlwind strong enough to whip dust and leaves and litter into the air

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Asuncion doubled in Lopez to put the Dust Devils up 8-1, and Carter tripled him in to give Tri-City an eight-run lead.
Paul said dust devils and even mini tornadoes - funnel clouds that "touch down" on the ground - might be a more common sight in and around Huddersfield given the heatwave forecast for the next few days.
Dust devils form when the sun heats the air just above the ground.
Shorter Martian vortices can be measured from lander images taken at the surface, but the tallest dust devils must be measured from above by orbiting spacecraft using shadow lengths and the angle of solar incidence.
This rotation of the plume is thought to trigger lightning, dust devils and waterspouts in much the same way as tornados.
WILLIAMS, Sean The Changeling 190pp ISBN 9780732284749 SCIS 1356003; The Dust Devils 166pp ISBN 9780732284756 SCIS 1379570 A&R, 2008 $14.
The Brett family has a long history of running baseball clubs and currently operates four sports franchises, including the Spokane Indians Baseball Club and the Tri-City Dust Devils Baseball Club.
Until one day, when a colleague, Professor Nilton Renno, asked an unrelated question: 'Do you think the electric fields in dust devils on Mars could trigger new chemistry?
Dust devils dance like whirling dervishes not far from our camp, driven by rising thermals.
Climate modeling illustrates that these changes have caused elevated air temperatures, increased wind stresses, and the production of dust devils.
He said this technology might also have an application to flight on Mars where dust devils have been observed.
Interactive exhibits allow visitors to recreate its wispy dust devils that whirl across the surface and global dust storms that can engulf the planet.
Weatherman Michael Dukes said dust devils - even of this strength - were quite common in Britain, although more often associated with the deserts of north Africa and Australia.
In the Sahara Desert, dust devils lasting from five minutes to several hours are sighted daily.
The Dust Devils are scheduled to go into full production in July and television ads are to start in August.