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an industrial city in western Germany on the Rhine

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According to the findings of the Dusseldorp Skills Forum in 2003, 28% of those who had left school early were either unemployed, not studying, working part-time but not studying, or not in the labour force at all.
Here Dusseldorp applies the diet breadth model to the study of two Middle Palaeolithic animal bone assemblages from the sites of Biache-Saint-Vaaste in northern France, and Taubach in Germany.
The director of 'The War of the Roses', Benedict Andrews, won the award for best direction of a play, and two of its actors, Ewen Leslie and Marta Dusseldorp, were recognised for their supporting roles.
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GROWING THE GREEN COLLAR ECONOMY, a report by ACF and Dusseldorp Skills Forum (DSF), includes CSIRO's analysis of the latest economic modelling, and identifies the employment impact associated with cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
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The National Skills Policy Collaboration brings together the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australian Industry Group, Australian Education Union Dusseldorp Skills Forum and Group Training Australia.
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Using a multidimensional measure of self-efficacy as it relates to condom use, Baele, Dusseldorp and Maes, (2001) found that global self-efficacy was a good predictor of condom usage regardless of age or sexual experience.
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