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crab-eating dog

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Taming (or an attempt at taming) emerges as an interesting hypothesis to account for the exceptional treatment given to Dusicyon avus at Loma de los Muertos.
The key to understanding this Dusicyon avus burial is the specific role this individual animal played in a particular space and at a given time, and which led to its inclusion within a particular social framework.
Constraining the time of extinction of the South American fox Dusicyon avus (Carnivora, Canidae) during the late Holocene.
Since the human (Individual 3) and Dusicyon avus corpses were not buried together in a single grave, and no other skeleton was found near the carnivore, one can assume the animal was not sacrificed or placed as an offering within a human burial.
Dusicyon avus is a large extinct South American fox with an estimated body mass of about 12-15kg (Prevosti et al.