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a common organophosphate insecticide

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Specifically, today's agreement will halt the manufacture of Dursban by December 2000 for nearly all residential uses.
Enviroman's main product, BUGS 'R' DONE(TM), is a highly-effective household insecticide that uses only natural plant oils, specifically pure orange peel oil, to compete directly with those toxic insecticides containing Dursban.
with 36 offices in Florida and Georgia, "Six years ago we changed our program to include NIBAN and not to use Dursban.
This action -- the result of an agreement with the manufacturers -- will significantly minimize potential health risks from exposure to Dursban, also called chlorpyrifos, for all Americans, especially children.
9) According to the Association of Birth Defect Children, Gulf War exposures include, but are not limited to: DEET, permethrin, pyridostigmine, pentachlorophenol, benzocaine sulfur, aluminum phospide, baygon, boric acid, Sevin, amidinohydrazone, diazinon, Dursban, dichlorvos, Ficam, carbaryl, lindane, malathion, oil well fires, leaded fuels, depleted uranium, solvents, DeContam agent, malaria pills, campfires, leishmaniasis, chemical warfare agents, CARC, experimental vaccinations (including those with squalene), D-phenothrin, allethrin, paint toxins, and many others.
Since these experiments were conducted, Dursban and Diazinon, both organophosphates, have been banned by the Environmental protection Agency.
incident after it was established that Dow had earned this amount as profit after the registration of three of its pesticides -- Pride ( ni- 25), Nurelle- D and Dursban -- in India.
There is increasing concern about heavy metal contamination and pesticide residues such as Dursban, which is commonly seen from producers in heavily polluted, industrialized, deforested regions of the world," he said.
The pounds data erroneously suggest that Dursban (containing chlorpyrifos) was much more widely used than Talstar (containing bifenthrin), whereas the sales and acres data show that use was somewhat similar.
Regulators responded, and by the middle 1990s, once-popular members of this class of agents--such as dursban, malathion, and chlorpyrifos--were being phased out or severely restricted in their uses.
Available from online sources like the Green Home Environmental Store and Planet Natural, the active ingredient in Orange Guard is biodegradable, citrus-based d-Limonene, which has been shown to reduce cockroach populations better than Dursban, the toxic ingredient in Raid.
the Environmental Protection Agency has restricted or banned several ornamental pesticides, including Dursban and Diazinon (U.
Dursban is used to kill fleas, termites and other garden and agricultural pests.
The pesticide industry is pressing to diffuse FQPA requirements, including the children's 10X safety margin factor for pesticide residue standards in food (Kenney, Groth, & Benbrook, 1998); the recent ban of about 800 over-the-counter products containing the pesticide Dursban (the registered trademark for chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin also suspected of causing cancer and immune system damage) is widely attributed to the FQPA (Brown & Warrick, 2000).
The remaining respondents used a variety of treatments including Hollowheart, "Fume", Dursban, sodium fluoride rods, copper naphthenate, and Pat ox.