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English writer of Irish descent who spent much of his life in Mediterranean regions (1912-1990)

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Despite first-half goals from Elliott Durrell and Louis Moult - which sandwiched a red for Scott Leather - the momentum swung when Moult was given his marching orders minutes after his goal.
Wrexham AFC: Coughlin, Carrington, Ashton, Smith, Hudson, Clarke, Durrell (Bailey-Jones 74), Harris, Moult, York, Jennings Unused subs: Evans, White, Rushton, Stephens Nuneaton Town: Charles-Cook, Franklin, Cowan (Vieira 71), Dean, Walker, John (Armson 61), Hutchinson, Brown, Streete, Brown, Dyer Unused subs: Starosta, Gordon, Wren
This case is a wonderful example of a successful and effective partnership between the Government and Relators" said Attorney Durrell.
Durrell, who has handled hundreds of projects involving business transfers over the past thirty-plus years, sees companies change ownership in three main ways: transfers to family members, transfers to key employees, and third-party sales.
Durrell was raised in India and lived in many different countries and both writers spent long periods on islands: Kazantzakis in Crete, Naxos, and Aegina and Durrell in Corfu, Cyprus, and Rhodes.
The money donated to the Durrell Trust will be spent on a project to reintroduce the chough - a member of the crow family - to Jersey, where it has been extinct for more than 100 years, so the Redcar team plans to raise more for that.
In a world which, unlike post-war austerity Britain, is not short of sun and hedonism, where the virtual and reality overlap to the point where it is difficult to tell them apart, self-awareness is no longer as revolutionary as it was when Durrell began writing.
Durrell has developed a worldwide reputation for its pioneering conservation techniques and funds raised at the auction will help the organisation to continue this important work.
Set in a vast plot of land on the island, it was founded by naturalist and author Gerald Durrell who made it his life's mission to safeguard the endangered species of the world.
The Pilgrims responded well and almost equalised through Durrell Berry, but his powerful drive was parried by Ben Smith.
Lawrence Durrell was born in India in 1912 to British parents.
It was identified by researchers from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Natural History Museum, Nature Heritage and Conservation International.
This story of Mallinson's 42-year career in zoos and conservation focuses in particular on his history with the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, an international charity based at Jersey Zoo (Channel Islands), a sanctuary and breeding center for endangered species founded by world-famous author and naturalist Gerald Durrell.
Durrell Simmonds, of Fartown, and Michael McDonnell, of Newsome, were both handed hefty sentences by a judge.
It is wroth noting that in the 1960s both Durrell and Nabokov related "four" of their former works to each other by using the musical form and structure of a "quartet" as their frame and chose particular cities as the centers of their musico-literary discourses.