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the outermost (and toughest) of the 3 meninges

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has experienced several other positive changes so far this year including being acquired by Triton Duro as well as our personnel restructuring, all of which, we feel have positioned the company to lead our industry into the future.
Duro is pulled into the present when a British woman, Laura, and her two teenaged children arrive in town, having bought a long-abandoned house to fix up as a vacation home.
A analise morfologica do palato duro caracteriza-se como parte importante da avaliacao de Motricidade Orofacial, pois contribui para a estruturacao de um plano terapeutico com estrategias, prognostico e encaminhamentos adequados.
Apesar da existencia de inumeros estudos laboratoriais mostrando os pontos positivos da texturizacao e do revestimento de cromo duro, a aplicacao desses revestimentos por clientes da empresa parceira neste trabalho, Gerdau S.
El promedio del periodo muestral analizado (2001-2010), en lo referente a la produccion de maiz amarillo duro, fue de 1'110,727.
Por outro lado, os valores de energia digestivel (ED) e metabolizavel (EM) foram influenciados pelos tratamentos (P<0,05), sendo que as dietas contendo milho semi-dentado apresentaram ED e EM superior as constituidas por milho duro (P<0,05).
The Rodeo has been priced at Rs 41,299 and the Duro at Rs 38,299, both ex- showroom Pune.
En organizaciones de larga duracion, el nucleo duro esta integrado por los fundadores (si aun viven), sus descendientes y familiares, los miembros de la segunda generacion y sus familiares, hasta llegar a la ultima generacion.
En mi caso, por poner un ejemplo, cuento con un disco duro externo que conecto a mi computadora una vez a la semana.
Ex-Porto striker Clayton and Albanian international Klodian Duro have decent form while Romanian playmaker Claudiu Niculescu is a threat from setplays.
Hearst Newspapers acquired two papers in Texas, The Canyon News and The Muleshoe Journal, from Lambai Publishing and Palo Duro Publications respectively.
Duro Textiles LLC, a Massachusetts textile company, has agreed to pay a $480,000 fine to settle a federal case for Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act violations at its several manufacturing plants in Fall River, Mass.
Rheinmetall Landsysteme is supplying the German military with additional Duro 3 6 x 6 vehicles, which have been earmarked for deployment in foreign trouble areas.
For example, races such as Cubano Amarillo Duro, Cubano Cateto, Cubano Dentado, and Cubano Tuson, which were collected at relatively high frequency outside of Cuba, likely represent highly competitive germplasm.