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French sociologist and first professor of sociology at the Sorbonne (1858-1917)

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Readers steeped in the mythical portrayal of Durkheim as the conservative forefather of American structural functionalism will no doubt find the political discussions to be particularly informative.
Keywords: Insular Southeast Asia, animism, Durkheim, sacred/profane, phenomenology, differentiation/identification.
Among the topics are civil religion and the moral reconstruction of China, performative aspects of youth militia in Serra Leone, an archaeological retrospective on Durkheim and the primitive mind, whether individual is to collective as Freud is to Durkheim, and three incommensurate histories of a collaborator's rebellion in the colonial Sudan.
What Durkheim says is our level of inter-dependence and individuality within a society is determined to a large extent by the manner in which we help each other as human beings.
Theorising the social division of labour, Durkheim classifies societies into mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity.
Having confirmed the theoretical underpinnings of this work, Patterns and Predictions is leading"Phase 2" technology for The Durkheim Project, a tightly integrated Big Datainitiativewith one objective: suicidality prediction at scale.
A more promising response, I believe, is to focus on the basic problem identified by figures such as Durkheim, Sorokin, and Nisbet: the family's loss of function.
Durkheim contrasts this phenomenon with the more progressive "organic solidarity" that evolves in modern societies according to people's professional and functional relationships.
Sociology, since the time of Emile Durkheim, has known that religion is
French sociologist Emile Durkheim (9) chose it as his subject matter in the latter years of the nineteenth century for that very reason.
Durkheim, is resulted from the exaggeration of teacher's feeling about his own power towards the taught pupil.
Emile Durkheim initiated this sociological approach to the imaginaire through his idea of the history of mentalities.
Este e ao menos o qualificativo que alguns atribuiram a posicao de Jules Monnerot quando este se propos a contrariar aquele de Emile Durkheim.
The study, following 1 292 462 women in Taiwan over 20 years, was undertaken to confirm a hypothesis postulated by the renowned sociologist Emile Durkheim in 1897 that parenthood is protective against suicide.
Linger makes use of Durkheim, as his straw man, but he does not repay Durkheim in kind by imparting the complexity of this sociologist's work on the individual.