Durio zibethinus

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tree of southeastern Asia having edible oval fruit with a hard spiny rind

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x Lycopersicon esculentum x Vanilla planifolia x Ficus carica x Acca sellowiana Ananas comosus Musa textilis Durio zibethinus Theobroma cacao Carica papaya Annona cherimola Elaeis guineensis Pollination syndromes Ornithophilous perching hovering chiropterophilous Actinidia deliciosa Malus domestica Medicago sativa Trifolium pratense Passiflora spp.
Some of the strangest: the viper's gourd (Trichosanthes anguina), a native to China that looks at first like a mass of writhing snakes but turns out to be long, snaky gourds; monk's hood (Aconitum napellus), an English herbaceous plant so poisonous early warriors used to smear its juices on their spears and arrows to kill an enemy; and Durio zibethinus, a prickly fruit that looks like a hedgehog, filled with a cheesy white edible inside that's considered a delicacy by those who can tolerate its smell, described as being like ``French custard passed through a sewer pipe.
2 Agroforests Products Local Names Probable Latin Names Frequency Ai' ijuk [Wine of] Arenga pinnata 48 Buah rian Durio zibethinus [durian] 32 Buah sibau Nephelium reticulatum 17 Buah pedalai Artocarpus sericicarpus 15 Dedabai Canarium odontophyllum 13 Kayo' api [Firewood, various kinds] 13 Bukoh Artocarpus integer 13 Engkabang Shorea macrophylla 9 Ketuntum 8 Kulat [mushroom] 6 * Kemiding Stenochlaena spp.